Xequte Panorama Screen Saver

Xequte Panorama Screen Saver 2.0

Displays a random panoramic photo and slowly scrolls to display the full image
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Do you like panoramic pictures? The kind taken with a special camera that ”pans” the landscape at the distance?
They are ideal for large groups, conventions, etc.
But have you seen panoramic pictures of landscapes and other exterior locations.
There are several programs to do this. However, this one is different.

Xequte Panorama Screen Saver will bring 360º of beautiful photos.

This awesome screen saver is different than most of the panorama screen savers I know.
Most of them will do a nice panning and “traveling” along a wide scene. Maybe some will even make a180º turn, showing you a very wide image.
Well, this screen saver takes this a step further.
You will be able to see the camera circling around its axis for a complete 360º!
The effect is amazing. I had only seen this in places like Disneyland or similar where they have this kind of movies.

Xequte Panorama Screen Saver includes images from Vancouver, San Francisco and Paris.
In San Francisco, for example, you begin looking at the bay with Alcatraz Island. The camera starts to move, and you get a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, then the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge, the shores of Oakland, the San Mateo area, and finally it gets back to where it started.
The rest of the scenes are similar and very impacting.

You will surely spend time watching these panorama photos.
Just hold on to something, you might get dizzy of so much turning around.

Fernando Soni
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